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  • Ecoustic Sculpt- Icon

    by Unika Vaev

    Two precedents have influenced the design of Sculpt Icon; The first is respect for functionalist 20th century Architect Louis Sullivan, and Industrial Designer Dieter Rams who, together with many other creative professionals, pioneered the notion of “form follows function” in the interest of rational, sustainable design. The second is acknowledgement of the ‘Skyline Diffuser’. An icon of acoustic engineering; this mechanism is typically built from s lid blocks assembled to a specific formula of peaks and troughs which coincidentally resemble a city skyline. Traditional ‘Skyline’ blocks are built in Oak or Maple solid timbers, therefore are quite heavy.
    Ecoustic® Sculpt Icon derives the outline of the Skyline Diffuser with hollow profiles created in lightweight acoustic PET to intensify the diffusion of sound waves within hollow forms. The result is a beautiful ceiling tile design which achieves a high level of acoustic performance by virtue of its shape, construction and the combination of Instyle’s ecoustic® SC panels and sound mesh.
    Ecoustic Sculpt- Icon