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  • Ecoustic Sculpt- Network

    Ecoustic Sculpt- Network

    by Unika Vaev

    Network tiles are available in two depth options; A) 5.5” (140mm) For high acoustic Sabine performance within an unobtrusive tile design. B) 2.8” (70mm) For mid range Sabine performance within a cost effective assembly.
    Both Network designs use intersections of perpendicular blade profiles to form a visual topography of cubic structures. Network can be used in conjunction with sound-screen cover membrane plus the addition of a high performance ecoustic® infill over the tile if desired to create an acoustic ceiling, or alternatively without any cover over the tile to partially expose ceiling voids, in order to penetrate the network tile openings with architectural features, such as services and pendant lighting.
    Ecoustic Sculpt- Network