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    Ruby Wood

    by NaughtOne - suite 1188

    The Ruby Wood chair is simple and elegant. The broad appeal design has beautiful attention to detail as well as a supportive sitting position. With a moulded polypropylene seat shell, Ruby Wood is wipeable, seamless and hardwearing, making it ideal for the workplace, education, hospitality and residential environments. The generous use of solid hardwood (oak or walnut) in the base is a key characteristic of Ruby wood and provides a robust chair with a real sense of material and tactile value in the product.

    Key points

    Range of chairs, counter height stools and barstools
    100% recyclable seat shell moulded from polypropylene
    Seat shell available in eight standard RAL colours
    Base available in solid oak or walnut
    7 year warranty
    Made in the UK and North America

    Ruby Wood