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    Vox Presentation Walls

    by Nienkämper - suite 365

    There will always be times when the writing on the wall is the most direct and effective means of communication. That’s why The Vox® Corporate Room Collection now includes a versatile Vox® Presentation Wall™ System.

    Whiteboard, tack surface, a projection screen -- these are just some of the options for Vox® Presentation Wall™ panels. Other possibilities include a combination writing/projection surface, and a magnetic surface. When the system is not in use, exterior panels finished in wood veneer or fabric keep everything handsomely out of sight. Comprehensive solutions don’t get much simpler than this. On its own, the Vox® Presentation Rail™ makes an elegant ledge, suitable for displaying award certificates, artwork or presentation boards. The Vox® Presentation Wall and Rail are offered in two standard sizes, eight foot and ten foot. Refer to the Vox® Corporate Room Planning Guide for more information.  

    Design: Mark Müller

    Vox Presentation Walls