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    Vox Walls

    by Nienkämper - suite 365

    The Vox® Collection continues to expand its impressive offerings with the Vox® Wall. Designed to be compatible with the Gateway™ Collection and its full range of technology neutral media furniture.

    Vox® Walls media integration allows all technology components can be housed invisibly (yet easy to access) keeping the integrated communication technology neatly out of sight. In the workplace, media integration supports mobile working, communication and presentations for the changing and diverse ways we work. With Vox® Wall it’s possible to realize wall-mounted or ground resting compositions with base cabinets of either open concept or door front cabinets, as well as drawers. Vox® Wall incorporates wall panels with self supporting shelving and cabinets, which can be specified in wood veneer, laminate, or glass. The slim profile features an anodized aluminum trim. Cleverly designed to help you customize or integrate rooms in any setting, this remarkably flexible system includes pre-configured pieces to make customizing a spacious, organized workspace easy. Freestanding, Vox® Wall can even be used as a room divider.  

    Design: Nienkämper

    Vox Walls