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    Vox Vision Cabinets

    by Nienkämper - suite 365

    The VoxVision® series of video-conferencing storage components takes the evolution of corporate communications a step further. VoxVision® projects an impressive corporate image. Details make the difference between an ordinary product and an outstanding value. Our clients rely on us to get the details right. Our new storage solution is as impressive as the technology it houses.

    The cabinet is available in standard Nienkämper wood veneers and stains. Concealed industrial non-marking casters accommodate installation and positioning. Doors have an aluminum trim around the perimeter that includes the integrated door handle.VoxVision® is available with hinged doors, Pivot slide doors, Synchron Slide doors with Open Bookcases and Synchron Slide doors with Closed Hinged Bookcase Doors. VoxVision® is available in a variety of sizes. Integrated door handles are available in clear, champagne, light bronze, bronze and black aluminum finishes.  

    Design: Mark Müller

    Vox Vision Cabinets