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    We make chairs. In America. Often by hand. Mostly from recycled materials. But always to last. 1006 Navy Chair. Created in 1944 for warships and sailors. Now found in restaurants, hotels and offices. Make something well, it can survive anything. Hanover, Pennsylvania. In 1944, Wilton Carlyle Dinges creates the Electrical Machine and Equipment Company (Emeco) and employs local steel workers. World War II brings a big uptick in business. Specifically, a government commission for a particular kind of chair. A chair to withstand the American Navy. Life on a ship is tough. Salt water. Salt air. The occasional torpedo blast. Survival will require a very resilient material. In 1944, salvaged aluminum is plentiful. Methods to make it highly resistant are not. Which leads to The Process. 77 steps that turn ordinary aluminum, extraordinarily strong. 1006 Navy Chair is born. Sturdy. Smart. Essentially the backbone and DNA of every chair Emeco will ever make. And what works for one demanding environment will eventually suit many, many others.

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